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Production Glassfibre is the United Kingdoms leading and largest general moulder of GRP parts and products. Operating from modern factories in England and Scotland, employing more than 200 people and providing a complete service from pattern making to production, the company has a record of almost continual growth over its 25 year history- the result of a completely customer focused culture.

Capable of organising and managing the longest production runs, competent to undertake the largest one-off projects, creative enough to complete the most intricate artworks, Production Glassfibre has more extensive experience and more obvious commitment than any other company in it's industry. Supplying product throughout the UK and Ireland, please phone or e-mail to arrange a meeting, organise a visit or discuss your project.

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When you’re shipping a Rolls Royce jet engine around the world, bubble wrap and boxes just wont do! When the Container also has to be climate controlled so that even after prolonged storage or a long sea journey the engine is perfectly preserved, glassfibre becomes the perfect ‘wrapping’ material. It’s one of our lower volume but regular products, and something we’re particularly proud off. Ours is the simple part of an extremely sophisticated container, but crucial to providing the necessary protection for a very demanding customer. The laminate includes an insulation layer, and the final product is made up from 7 different mouldings.

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